Our Vision


Brad Inwood Architects is an architect and design practice based in Sydney, Australia. We are a niche specialist in residential and commercial projects with particular attention to detail and finishing to our clients' needs and objectives. We do what we do best, creating, planning and designing spaces across various projects in residential and commercial types.


Our distinctive philosophy in design is renowned for its geometric form, classic proportion and functionality. We believe that residential and commercial spaces in modern day should be practical, functional yet aesthetically appealing; totally sympathetic and in harmony with the environment that it coexists with. We enjoy using sustainable materials that challenge and may sometimes even surprise. We sometimes encourage thinking outside the box of the brief.


While immensely passionate about our work, we are sensitive to what also works best for you. We insist on sharing ideas and we listen.


In over twenty years, we have built up a wide and varied portfolio: urban masterplan, civic and cultural buildings to private homes and product designs. From alterations to extensions, conversions to creations, we apply the same rigorous thinking and meticulous care to detail.